Dedicate A Star

Strengthen your involvement by joining our Dedicate A Star – Star Dedication Program. This program is a unique opportunity to give a distinctive gift to family, friends, co-workers, or clients. It is a way to commemorate a birth, birthday, wedding, anniversary, memorial or tribute. Stars make great employee incentives, retirement gifts, or other corporate achievements, activities and rewards. See Sample Messages
Star dedication prices range from $50 to $500 with the magnitude of stars becoming stronger (brighter) with higher values. All star dedications are tax deductibles. 
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The Point of Light Program does not represent an official astronomical designation. 

Dedicate A Star Sample Messages

Your Point of Light personal message can be a maximum 150 characters including spaces. 
Here are sample messages to give you ideas.


May this star always remind you of the love we share.
To the star in my life.
You light up my life
You are my shining star.
This is the closest I can come to giving you a shooting star.
I can't give you the Universe, so this is the next best thing.
The star in my life - You make my Valentine's bright.
My love for you shines as bright as this star.
Together in the night sky tomorrow.
May our (your) love last forever, like this star.


Her (His) memory will shine in our hearts forever.
His (Her) spirit will shine on forever.
Look up and you will see our beloved ________ for eternity.
You were always my guiding light - Now you will shine forever.


Congratulations on your Graduation.
Your future is as bright as this star.
You will always be the brightest star in my heavens.
The sky is the limit. Shine as bright as you can!

Special Occasions

Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Anniversary
Happy Mother's/Father's Day


To us you will always be a star.
A tiny light to guide your way.
A star to shine bright and watch over you always.
You will always be the brightest light in the heavens.
A little star away up high is staring at us from the sky.
Starlight, Star bright - you are the first star I see at night.
Stars are windows to heaven.
A little piece of heaven for my little angel.
A star for a friend who is "Out of this World."
A nightly reminder of our love and friendship.